Reading list for data science

Data: Python, JupyterNotebook, Tableau, DBeaver, Spyder, PhpStorm, Notepad++

App: Tkinter, Flask, Kivy, PyInstaller, Py2App/Exe, Google Cloud Engine, Dash, PyVan

Python: Selenium, BeautifulSoup, DiffLib, tqdm, py2exe, pyInstaller, tkinter, ki

Web: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Trends, Google Search, Ubersuggest (Neil Patel app), Domain authority and TF / CF analysis websites, Google PageSpeed Insights, Website Performance analysis websites, SVG Converter (, TinyPNG & JPEG, Yakaferci

Website: Laravel, PWA, WordPress, ContactForm7, Yoast SEO, Caldera Form, Duplicator, Elementor, Enlighter, TablePress, FileZilla, Prestashop, uiGradient, icons8, hover effect & box shadow websites, CSS & PHP & HTML beautifier & minifier

Content: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Pexels, TinyPNG & JPEG, TextSpeech, Pixabay, FreePik, iMovie, video format converter, Gamblr, Hootsuite, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter

Mix: Github, Gist, Anaconda, Docker, Thunderbird, Apowersoft, TeamViewer, Slack, Loom, TextSpeech, Gretl, DropBox, MailExtractor, Mailjet/MailChimp/Dolibarr, Regex101, Google MyBusiness

Microsoft: Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Word, Azure, Access, OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams

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I propose a list of links that will be useful in your daily data scientist. These links are based on research and readings (mainly Towards Data Science, Medium and KDNuggets). For a better organisation, there are 3 parts: resources, tools and more. The list is regularly updated. You can also visit my Tool Box page for more resources.

- - -- - - RESOURCES - - -- - -- - -
informationMachine Learning Algorithmsalgorithms list
information10 DataScience blogsblog list
toolGoogle Dataset Searchdataset
informationBest public datasets for machine learning +50dataset list
toolGoogle BigQuery Consolegoogle bigquery
informations120 data science interview questionsinterview list
information13 essential newsletters for data scientist 2018newsletter list
tool25 pandas trickspython pandas
informationTwitter account to followtwitter list
information12 NLP Researchers, Practitioners & Innovators to followresearchers list
- - -
- - -
- - - END RESOURCES - - -
- - - TOOLS - - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
tutorialXGBoost tuning parameter guide 2016algorithm XGBoost
articleBest algorithm for your regression problemalgorithm regression
articleRidge Regression examplealgorithm ridge
tutorialSupervised machine learning algorithmsalgorithms++
articleHeatmaps and correlation matrix plots 2015data visualizationcorrplot.ipynb
articleBenchmarkeing categorical encoders 2014encodinggithub
tutorialCategorical features machine learning 2019encoding
informationDiscover Feature Engineeringengineering
article4 Tips for Feature Engineering and Preprocessingengineering+
articleAUC and ROC Curveevaluating
articleConfusion Matrix basicsevaluating
kernelStock Market Technical Indicators Vizfinance++
articleInteractive Controls in Jupyter Notebooksjupyter nb
articleBest of Jupyter Notebookjupyter nb++
article3 Jupyter Notebooks Tipsjupyter nb
article6 ways to compensate for missing valuesmissing values
articleWays to detect and remove outliers 2018outliers
article5 ways to detect outliers/anomaliesoutliers
articleApplied Machine Learning Processprocessmachine learning
article5 sampling algorithmssampling
articleFix an Imbalanced Datasetsampling
articleNormalization vs standardizationscaling++
articleAn Introduction to Feature Selectionselection feature
article5 feature selection algorithmsselecting feature
article10 Statistical Techniquesstats
informationProbabilities and statisticsstats list
informationMathematics for data science 2013 Ressourcesstats maths
tutorialPython styling tablesstyling
- - -
- - -
- - - END OF TOOLS - - -
- - - MORE LINKS - - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
articleXGBoost algorithm: long may she reignalgorithm XGBoost
articleScikit-learn decision trees explainedalgorithm d. tree++
articleGeeting started with machine learning 2018basics
articleBokeh articles seriebokeh
websiteChris Albon - Data Science & AIcoding templatesflashcards
information142 Ressources for mastering codingcoding
articleGood coding practices 2019coding
article7 habits of effective programmerscoding
tutorialPython html to pdfconvertingdid not worked
article4 Types of Data Analysisdata analysis
articlePlanning data migrationdata migration
articleThe 10 Deep Learning Methods AI deep learning
articleDeep Learning for NLP: ANNs, RNNs and LSTMs explaineddeep learning
articleDeep Learning for NLP: Creating a Chatbot with Keras!deep learningchatbot with keras
pageDummy Variabledummy variable
articleExploratory Data Analysis on E-Commerce Dataeda
article+39 Collection things learned data sciencefeedback
articleAutomated Stock Updates Pythonfinance email
articleStock Portofolio Analysesfinance analysis
kernelAnalyzing Stock Datafinance basics
articleDeploying Keras Deep Learning Models with Flaskflask
articleGANGogh: creating art with GAN'sgan
tutorialGitHub Tuto begginersgithub
articleIntroduction to GitHubgithub
articleGithub files analysis with Google BigQuerygoogle bigquery
articleGithub files analysis with Google BigQuery (1)google bigquerygithub
articleAnalyzing go code github with bigquerygoogle bigguery
informationGithub on bigquery analysis 2016google bigguery
informationBigQuery Docsgoogle bigquery
articleMulticlass Logistic Regression using BigQuery MLgoogle bigquery
articleWhat are eigenvalues and eigenvectors ?reducing dimension
informationData Scientist Resume Exampleresume
articleString Methods basicsstring
information7 steps to mastering SQLsql
informationTop Handy SQL Featuressql basics
information10 Tools for Data Scientist 2019trend
information14 most used Data Science tools 2019trend
articleData science trends 2019trend
articleTop Software for analytics 2018trend
informationUltimate Data Science Tools 2019trend
tutorialTutorial webscraping movies BeautifulSoupwebscraping